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Pirates of the Caribbean

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Co-op Multiplayer – Take on the challenge with a friend and play side-by-side as Jack Sparrow and Will Turner.

Live the Past – Did Jack really sack Nassau Port without firing a shot, or ride away from a deserted isle on the backs of sea turtles? Now you'll find out, first hand!

Uncover new weapons -- Throughout your adventure you'll be rewarded with new swords that allow you to unlock more advanced combos

Secret stuff – Hidden passages, special coins, and other secrets await in each level for the player to discover and reveal.

Use your head – The action isn't limited to swinging your sword, as you'll need to use your head to avoid detection, or dangerous traps

System Requirement:

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP
CPU: Pentium III 800 MHz or Athlon 800MHz or higher processor
RAM: 256MB
Hard Disk Space: 3,500 MB of uncompressed hard-disk space (plus 400MB for Windows swap file)
100-percent DirectX 9.0c-compliant versions of the following (including drivers):
Video Card: 32MB
Sound Card: 16-bit

Download Links:

Pirates Of The Caribbean Part1
Pirates Of The Caribbean Part2


Pirates Of The Caribbean Part1
Pirates Of The Caribbean Part2


Pirates of the Caribbean


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