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Kingpin : Life of Crime (ISO)

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Description :
Release date(s) June 30, 1999
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Platform(s) PC (Linux/Windows)
Media CD-ROM
System requirements 233 MHz Processor, 64Mb RAM, OpenGL 3D Graphics card

Kingpin: Life of Crime documents the life of a thug down on his luck. In the beginning, he gets beaten up by goons working for a notorious crime boss, Nicki. He, your character, picks himself up, vows revenge and sets off on a journey that will take him through some of the meanest streets he's ever known.

This first-person shooter will have you interacting with a wide variety of bums and thieves who will either support you or try and kill you. At times, you'll have to mug a specific person or find a certain item for clues as to where the crimelord is located. Breaking the mold of traditional shooters, weapons aren't just laying around. You'll need to visit the pawn shop in your area to buy weapons, ammunition and even health remedies. You'll need cash to finance these buys -- money can be obtained by mugging people or searching dead bodies. With luck, you may even stumble upon a hidden unlocked safe containing a bag of cash.

The game features nine deadly weapons ranging from lead pipes and pistols to grenade launchers, bazookas and flamethrowers. Multi-player support is provided for both LAN and Internet and offers customizable pre-game options such as time limits, flag limits (maximum death toll) and a cash limit. Up to 16 players can bully and bludgeon their way through an online game at any given time.

Be warned: Kingpin: Life of Crime is a gritty, violent and graphic portrayal of street-life and should only be played by those who can stomach the ultra-violence and harsh language. In this regard, however, there is an option to install a low violence version of the game that does not contain any explicit language, blood or gore.

Minimum CPU Type: Pentium II
Minimum CPU Speed: 233 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 64 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 570 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
Color Depth: High Color
3D Acceleration Required.

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Kingpin : Life of Crime (ISO)


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