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King's Quest VII :The Princeless Bride (ISO)

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Information :

KQ7 is much more mentally challenging than the previous games in the series. The game features high-resolution graphics with Disney style animations and an amazing soundtrack.
You must cross the land of Eldritch, face the dangers of Ooga Booga, delve into the world of spirits and legends, and finally confront Malicia in the heart of an active volcano.

As with all the KQuest games, there is plenty of humor incorporated into the scenes but the puzzles can be challenging and a peek at a walkthrough might be useful.

This is by far the best game of the KQuest series.

Minimum CPU Type: 486DX
Minimum CPU Speed: 25 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 8 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 5 MB
Minimum OS Version: 5.0
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: 640x480
Color Depth: 256 Colors

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King's Quest VII :The Princeless Bride (ISO)


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