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UFOs is the story of an alien named Gnap who crash-lands his spaceship in a pigsty somewhere in the Ozarks. He must find replacement parts for the ship's broken engine so he can get home. That's pretty much the entirety of the story of UFOs, a third-person game most similar to Spaced Invaders, Sam and Max or Day of the Tentacle. Along the way Gnap picks up a platypus that acts as a sidekick. The platypus does Gnap's bidding with the push of a button on Gnap's tiny pocket alien transmitter. The platypus also give the player a "platypus mode" where the little sucker can be used as an action to be taken to solve puzzles, most similar to the "use the bunny" feature in Sam and Max. The game's design itself is really outstanding. The backgrounds are rendered in surprisingly intricate 3D detail, and over this are laid 2D line-drawn cartoon characters. This is a really engaging look, and it gives UFOs a design depth many other similar games drawn fully in 2D lack.

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