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My Animal Shelter [2008]

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Chaps from SKIDROW releases another cheap children game: simulator My Animal Shelter from GSP Software. This is basically a simple simulator of animal shelter. As in case of most SKIDROW releases, there is no protection at all so you don’t have to bother with cracks.
This brand new game is all about pets and combines gameplay elements from simulation and management – conceived and designed for young players that take care of animals. Playing the game teaches principles of how to look after animals and players learn responsibility.
Take care of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses that may be ill and are looking for a foster home. Train and interact with them. Provide them with medicine, food and accomodation. Keep an eye on your finances to keep up with costs and find new sponsors.
Game features:
  • Take care of dogs, cats, rabbits and horses
  • Train, play and take care of your animals
  • The better you are at your job, the quicker they learn and recover
  • Quality 3D presentation under moderate system requirements
  • Family friendly gameplay and controls
System Requirements:
• Windows XP / Vista
• 1.5 GHz processor
• 64MB DirectX 9.0c-compatible graphics card (GeForce or higher)
• 256MB system memory (512MB for Vista)

Download Links:

My Animal Shelter [2008]


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